Enno Weichert

seeking to learn more about web application development
a photo of me
+49 151 20040451
Wykhoffweg 52, 26725 Emden, Germany

I lead a pretty colorful life with a lot of creep and jump scares but I maintained a largely positive attitude and am not easily scared.

I am a creative and analytical person experimenting with manual skills, music and visuals but also with communication, productivity patterns and source-code.

For small-scale web-application development I am using version control systems, bug trackers and wikis. I am mainly working on Linux systems which I am confident to administrate.
I am also eager to learn more about Test-driven development and Continuous integration.

what i can do

  • Expert in as my first language
  • Advanced in with many years of experience in information technology
People skills
  • Advanced in through difficult personal circumstances
  • Advanced in and with many years of experience in a variety of jobs and environments
  • Advanced in with many years of experience in a variety of jobs and environments
  • Intermediate in and
  • Intermediate in and
  • Advanced in with many years of experience
  • Advanced in , with many years of experience because my workflow is largely web-centered
  • Intermediate in
  • Intermediate in
  • Intermediate in
  • Intermediate in , and
  • Advanced in with years of experience using smart-phones and tablets
  • Advanced in manual skills with many years of experience improvising in difficult situations
System administration
Programming languages

what i did in the past

Independent web development
Self-training in JavaScript, Dojo Toolkit, HTML5 and extension of my digitized cloud-based self-organization.
MD Schulung & Beratung GmbH Emden
Training for Application Development Specialist (Fachinformatiker Anwendungsentwicklung)
Quit for organizational reasons.
CVU Büro und Technik Berlin GmbH
Two internships: Development of a website for mobile devices
Self-training in several areas
  • information technology,
  • communication psychology,
  • information management,
  • self-organization
Temporary employments in Emden
  • Boat maintenance and repair,
  • Agricultural worker,
  • Production Assistant
Werkstätten der Arbeiterwohlfahrt Dortmund GmbH
Volunteer in the sheltered carpentry workshop, working with mentally handicapped people.
Socialinformation Marketinggesellschaft mbH Köln
Sales representative, fund raising in the Ruhr Metropolitan Region
SER Quantum GmbH Dortmund
Programmer in Visual Basic for Applications and Microsoft Access
Technische Universität Dortmund
Computer Science, without graduation
Albert-Schweitzer-Klinik Northeim
Alternative civilian service (Zivildienst)
Orgaplan GmbH Northeim
Programmer in COBOL and Visual Basic

who i am looking for

I like people who think out of the box trying to find a different perspective.
People who like straightforward and simple solutions, who do not imitate others and instead try to understand and extend.

Your idea of understanding and extending should relate to open source development and collaboration platforms.

You should work on making things easier to understand and more secure to use. Systems can only be secure if people understand and like to use them. It's a matter of incentives not restrictions.

You should lead by example, giving each actor freedom to express and extend, be it customers, freelancers or staff. Using technology to force workflows for example is poison, using it to enable people doing what they otherwise could not is the right way to do it.

I would like to find someone telling me more about communication, be it between people or between man and machines. I believe you can never learn all of it.

I would also like to work with people who see workflow and security not only as a technical system but as an interdisciplinary field covering all aspects of human interaction.

how we team up

If you think we have common views, I can do what you need and you want to do what I am looking for then please do not be afraid to contact me.
I do not care so much about recruiters and social network whores so please do not waste both of our time — please never call me.

There are several ways to contact me each of them with their corresponding advantages and disadvantages.
Emailing me however will almost always be appropriate, please use the others with prudence.

+49 1578 8476548
My social networking services


This page is Copyright 2012 Enno Weichert and is licensed under a Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 License.

For a lot of reasons this page is throwing a ton of validation errors I had to publish it though and I promise to make it better.

If you want to know more about the internals, here are the technologies I was using to create this page:

A lot of it is actually HTML 4, but I strife to make it better. And with better I usually mean better semantics and not so much better graphics.
A resume is generally already a heavily structured document where semantic markup seems really appropriate. This was the ugly part, responsible for a lot of validation errors. UfXtract was incredibly helpful here.
Because this page relies on semanticization instead of graphical design, any layout and design has to come from Cascading Style Sheets. There are still loopholes however as I am still learning how to do this better.
Although my focus in programming right now is on JavaScript I tried to use none of it on this page. It did not work out however: I still need a jQuery scroll script for the static header. But I did not do anything myself here.
I just need it for jScroll.
jScroll by William Duffy
I just need it to have a static offset for my anchors because I use a menu bar on top and this is still not implemented in CSS.
This is a static site, changes are tracked with Git and it is hosted on GitHub. You can look at the source code here.
Google Analytics
I want to analyze the traffic on this site, without logic on my own server, this is one way to do it. I set it up to not share any data, I do not know to what avail. I will create a public page for the data in time.
Google Web Fonts
I am using it to have at least some typographical stability.
The workflow is crappy but it gets the job done. I am usually using it just for vector-based icons. The overall goal here however is to get rid of the bitmaps for the most part.
Sublime Text 2
This is actually a test-run and it might turn out that I still like Vim. I am usually doing everything else with Vim.
I am using git for a lot of other stuff already so it just made a lot of sense
Since I am primarily developing on and for Linux machines (servers and Android) I am using the Bash extensively. I am however a bad bash programmer and still amazed by the amount of useful features it has.
The list will have to end with Linux: it is my main operating system for years now - on the desktop as well as on servers. You still cannot expect everything to "just run" and there is no working graphical environment (at least none worth mentioning) but it is making it more than up with transparency and maintainability. I do not think I will ever change it.